Investment Opportunities

LIVA Building & Architects is part of the Lionnet Global Group which is involved in Real Estate and Tourism Developments, Construction,  Medical Innovation, Water and Energy technologies, and now also in food production all over Central America and now based in the Indian Ocean.


We are seeking for investors to start new projects in the Seychelles Islands in all our experienced fields, customizing the projects to our investors needs, seeking the best timing with the highest return rates, all in harmony with our planet nature.

If you are interested and seeking for investments opportunities, then please  

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Now we live in a different world

Our group seeks to develop ideas that will impact our world for a better tomorrow. We grow together with our investors to work on modern ideas that will have a positive solution for peoples problems and aid in our environmental issues.


Now we cannot trust in the financial markets with all its fluctuations but we can rely in solid developments in one of the few nations that are Covid free where its markets value and economy has been growing for the past 40 years.